Telwide SA is a Swiss licensed carrier of international voice traffic providing telecommunications services, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and registered with the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). Our company offers high quality, reliable services.

We provide international voice termination and are specialized in direct routes worldwide with an emphasis on traffic to Africa and South America. These enable us to offer capacity and value at competitive rates. We also handle specific destinations and A to Z routes.

Telwide, SA delivers termination for wholesale and retail traffic through our VoIP and TDM networks. Our clients are PTTs, calling card companies, carriers as well as fixed line and mobile operators.

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The wide range of interconnections we have with Tier1 operators from across the globe enables Telwide to offer the best stable route termination for retail traffic.

Telwide’s network operations team proactively monitors your route 24/7 to ensure optimum quality.

Our direct routes offer capacity and quality at a competitive price for terminating your voice traffic.

Our middle-sized company ensures that we are close to our clients, that we make quick decisions and have a rapid response rate to all your queries.